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Bellagio Villas: Lake Como Rentals

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Bellagio Villas: Lake Como Rentals

Widely considered as among the most magnificent lakes all over Europe, the outlooks of the snow-capped Alps, terraced homesteads as well as undulating hills surrounding Lake Como makes it to have an incontestable allure. Bellagio is located at the meeting point of the 3 sections of the Y-shaped Lake in possibly the most charming spot achievable. Strolling by the side of the lake promenades whilst swans glide on the dazzling waters, waiters scamper around al fresco cafés as well as luxuriant mountains ranges stand out above blue lake can be termed as an experience of a lifetime.

lakeside panorama from one of our Bellagio homes

So flawless are the gardens at the lakefront, multi-colored villas as well as marble-paved staircases of Bellagio. Which actually inspired Franz Liszt to state “when you write the story of two happy lovers, place them on the shores of Lake Como.” An ideal moment in Bellagio villas could comprise of a trip to the English gardens that are found in Villa Melzi d’Eril, a banquet of freshly cooked seafood whilst violins play their soothing melodies, a sundowner toast accompanied with local “vino spumante” as well as moonlight stroll as you return to your vacation rental at Lake Como or else one of the famous Bellagio homes superbly designed for vacations.

Additionally, very few places can be termed to have the romantic atmosphere like the one at Lake Como, and better yet there still very few resorts whose beauty can be compared with that of Bellagio villas. Referred to “Pearl of the Lake”, the world class resorts as well as restaurants found in Bellagio offer the ideal hideaway to drown in the famous panorama of the lake. The township is illustrated by buildings that are a century-old, stone lanes as well as picturesque paved stairways packed with shops displaying the best of Italian wares.

Tag along one of the historic on foot trips for an idea of the times that have passed, or pursue your flavor buds to the freshly prepared fruit flavors extracted from gelato- or else the amazing aroma of the coffee shop- of the type found just in Italy. A superb climate to unwind, participate in sports or even lake activities such as sailing in private boats, in addition to all adjacent to the background of the spectacular Lake as well as its glorious Bellagio villas.

To enjoy much of your vacation period in Bellagio you ought to research widely for other information regarding accommodation, hotels, shops as well as sights that you can visit all through your stay. But one thing you won’t be disappointed in is the magnificent Bellagio villas.

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