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Production and applications of stainless steel structurals

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Production and applications of stainless steel structurals

Basically, stainless steel structurals are products that are made from stainless steel. Due to its high resistance to stain or dust, an iron-alloy is made with about fifteen to twenty percent of chromium and other elements to grant it such excellent resistance to corrosion, hardness and strength thus increasing its application range in various industries. This is clearly indicated by the about 57 products that are within the standard alloys stipulations and other propriety alloys produced by lots of industries both locally and internationally.

Detailed overview of the manufacturing process

A series of steps is involved during the manufacturing of stainless steel stucturals. First, the steel is melted for 8 to 12 hours with other elements then cast in to solid. After cooling the solid is then taken through a series of steps which include forming, heat treatment, descaling, cutting and lastly finishing. These steps rely on type of product that was being made and in various cases there are products that still require end user treatment. The end products are grades according to the element content in them. Some of the end products include beams, flat bars, channels, leg angles, tubes, hex bars, pipe, fittings, round bars, just to name a few.

Stainless steel structurals: Applications of the products

stainless-steel-structurals-IPEIdeally, stainless steel structurals have a wide range of market since a lot of industries are reliant on their products mostly in the constructions and industrial fields. Hand-in-hand coordination between the engineers, architects and the producers gives them and upper hand that helps them work on their designs thus attaining a diverse range in different industries. Having a wide variety of product production makes them have a wide range of applications in many other industries. These can be petroleum refining industries, automobile components, pulp and paper industries, chemical processing plants, water supplying plants, water treatment facilities, bridges and bulk handling companies to mention just but a few.
In most cases where distribution of stainless steel structurals is bulky or requires travelling costs, the companies involve a large network of regional and international distributors. This are either outsourced or they may purchase in wholesales to ensure the products are in the markets.

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