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Mario Orlando And Figli Scaffold Ladder

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Mario Orlando And Figli Scaffold Ladder

A bit of history

It was 1964 when Mario Orlando set up his company: Mario Orlando and Figli. Since that time, his creation has gone on to become the world leader in the scaffolding and stage industry. The Italian made products are of the highest quality, and service is always considered important.

Therefore, it would make sense to turn to this esteemed company for your scaffolding needs. The Orlando Modular Frame is easily the best tool of its kind on the market. The scaffold is made up of nine different pieces, allowing for easy assembly and customization. This makes it the ideal tool for reaching all kinds of heights.

A scaffold tower for your building needs

Another unique feature of the Orlando scaffold tower is the fact that it has wheels. This means that the scaffold is both firmly planted, and yet has the capability to become mobile very quickly. This feature sets it apart drastically from most other options on the market.

mobile scaffolding ladders

Whether you need the scaffold for industrial building and maintenance, or something like home renovation, there is no limit to what the Modular Frame can be used for. The unit has even been used for such diverse activities as gardening and rigging. Still, the real advantage of choosing to work with Mario Orlando and Figli is the undisputed quality of customer service.

Safe, reliable and easy-to-use scaffold towers

Safety is always a priority, and the most up to date rules and regulations are always adhered to and surpassed. This helps the company to deliver the most reliable equipment available to customers. All products are manufactured in Italy, and all are subject to very thorough inspections for quality.

When you order a tool from Mario Orlando and Figli, such as the Orlando Modular Frame scaffold ladder, you will receive a highly detailed manual that will assist in the assembly of the product. All company manuals are specifically designed to be as user friendly as possible, making assembly not only easy but very fast.

Finally, the delivery of the product is the final benefit of using a company committed to excellence. Delivery is, on average, a quick 7-8 business days. This can however, be shortened even further. Direct contact with company professionals allows Orlando to customize your order and expedite the shipping process to fit your specific needs. It really is a win-win situation, and all of this is offered for some of the most competitive pricing available. When in need of scaffolding and staging services, look no further than Mario Orlando and Figli.

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