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Financika Gives Investors Something to Think About

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Financika Gives Investors Something to Think About

About Us: Financika

Our company site offers a wide array of investment information and economic growth potential. The services include several different ways to invest, including stocks, CFDs, currencies, indices and commodities. We also offer a daily analysis of the marketplace and an economic calendar for our users. Overall, the site is dedicated to the premise that investment decisions are best made through a long term strategy which benefits those who remain well informed.

Commitment to Clientele

Trading on the internet is a relatively new way to do business. The marketplace may be increasingly volatile, yet there are benefits to taking advantage of opportunities available online. The strategies and content at our site,, are unmatched by any other trading outlet, and the best part of our trading platform is our consistent commitment to a secure investing environment.


Our Dedication to Client Relations

At the heart of our company strategy is a commitment to the financial security of our users by making secure transactions available 24 hours a day. Our services are tailored to the client’s specific goals and profile, and our goal is to provide excellent customer service by a supportive, knowledgeable staff. Traders that rely on Financika¬†for investing are also allowed to use the PROFIT and the WEB Profit platforms to make secured transactions. These platforms allow additional capabilities, information flows, and safe methods of money management that other financial transactions can lack. offers a safe, secure, reliable network of partnerships that make the website a premier investing tool.

The Calendar on

One feature of the site Financika includes the daily calendar, showing multiple layers of investment products with real time price quotes. An indispensable source of information, the calendar provides everything an investor needs to make informed minute-by-minute financial decisions.

financika online trading

Daily News Analysis provided by Financika’s trading experts

In addition, the website Financika offers a daily analysis of the marketplace both in English and in Arabic for traders all around the world. The daily updates include pertinent financial observations and analyzes the shifts in the economies of the world on a daily basis. Recent blogs have included information on China, how investors have responded to changes in oil pricing, as well as shifts in currency markets.


Our Charts and Indices

Our chart on Foreign Exchange clearly lays out the spreads on exchanging currencies through the FOREX platform. In other areas of the marketplace, at Financika, we provide details on commodities, including updates on the gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead, and coffee markets. We are also able to guide our investors throughout the derivative products, or CFDs, where instruments and spreads are conveniently locatable. Still another convenient chart shows the different world indices, and when they may be open for trades across their markets.


Our Educational Commitment

The website offers a wealth of information and opportunities to learn about the technical world of investing today. While other sites may offer similar types of investing tools and techniques, no other site brings together the unique blend of learning tutorials, market analysis, and the commitment to secure online investing. Our company maintains its position as a business news outlet, training facility, and portal for making online trades. The Academy also makes an excellent resource for learning about the nuances and training necessary for the complexities of online trading. At our Academy, users learn about basic training terms, economic trends, how to use a technical analysis chart, and tutorials on how to learn how to trade. It also features information on how to interpret moving averages.


Financika Tailors its Services for each customer

While we take the position that the market has many viable growth opportunities, there are specific areas where we can help the investor who is new to the online investment milieu. For instance, there are often daily country-specific updates in the news analysis blog that can greatly assist the new investor who is learning about foreign currency trade on the FOREX platform.


Getting Results

There are always news information sites available to visit on the internet, yet our team of responders is able to pinpoint exactly what shifts in the world marketplace will be of most value to investors. We take our ability to deliver careful analysis, and offer to help the investor tailor our site to meet the demands of each individual user so that they may gain the best insights into how to make informed online transactions over time. Every investor knows their needs best, and so offers the way to achieve those goals.

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