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MBA Corporate Finance: Bologna Business School’s programme

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MBA Corporate Finance: Bologna Business School’s programme

MBA Corporate Finance: presentation of the course

The primary aim of the MBA in Corporate Finance is to provide an educational opportunity for managers to successfully operate in business, whether it’s a small or medium-sized enterprise.

MBA graduates from Bologna Business School will have the most advanced knowledge of the most innovative banking systems. Armed with the latest management knowledge, participants will be able to improve on their financial literacy, thus improving their chances of being considered on the international market.

To be competitive in the in finance and banking industry, it is important to acquire all the necessary skills and become well-versed with its best practices. Corporations are now looking at professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the international standards.

The MBA Corporate Finance offers a 12 month full time program, that is taught in English. This program offers 518 hours of class activities, as well as 1300 hours of individual work, and 500 hours of internship.

It is built around students who already have a solid working background. First term classes focus on general management. And second term students will study subjects more tailored to their sector.Students will have 3 whole terms that they must study in before the course is considered to be complete.

It should be understood that all students will be presented with a solid grounding of theory before beginning practical aspects. The teaching staff will help students to grasp concepts through various seminars and lectures, as well as company visits, and group projects.

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Study in Italy – A must

Programs like MBA in Corporate Finance can help students gain the much needed exposure to international business standards. How does it work? It’s a 12-month full time program that caters to those who have concrete employment experience. It’s completely taught in English and includes a 500-hour internship that allows students to learn how to deal with actual situations or problems that are normally encountered in the banking and finance industry. General Management will be the main focus of the program for the first term. For the second term, it will shift to the subject specific to the sector.

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