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Master in Marketing & Communication in Italy: BBS

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Master in Marketing & Communication in Italy: BBS


Alma Bologna Business School (BBS) has a long history of academic excellence as it is the oldest university in the Western world. The school is housed in Villa Guastavillani, which dates back to the 16th century. It is one of the premiere universities to holdĀ a masters in marketing communication.


Excellent Business Programs Including The Master in Marketing

The school boasts 35 programs and attracts students from over 70 countries around the world. The programs are typically comprised of young managers, recent graduates, young business executives and professionals. Students choose this program to obtain the knowledge and networking opportunities necessary to propel them to further success in the world of business. The marketing program is highly respected by the academic community and business community alike.

Master in Marketing With Expansive Networking Opportunities

The marketing program is highly respected by the academic community and business community alike. This program allows for excellent networking opportunities in that BBS Bologna Business School has ties to over 500 countries. It is important to go to a business school that has a strong relationship with the business world. After all, connections matter a great deal.

When you are armed with the knowledge from a superior education and have a foothold in business because of networking opportunities, then you are in an optimal position to have a fruitful and successful business career. If you obtain a master in marketing through the Bologna Business School, the business world will be well aware that you are primed to deliver a sense of integrity and innovation to the world of business.

Marketing, Communication and New Media

A Supportive Environment To Obtain A Masters In Italy

Students are supported by a program that fosters personal as well as academic growth. Successful business leaders are the ones that have the curiosity to initiate innovation in the changing business marketplace. Business leaders must also be courageous and see new uncharted paths where others just see wilderness. Students who have taken time to assess and challenges their own abilities will develop the necessary sense of courageousness and boldness that one needs in order to achieve.

Master In Italy, Reap The Benefits Of Professional and Personal Growth

International students that embark on the journey of studying in Italy will find that they have a new broader scope of the world. Italy is such a beautiful and dynamic country, students will find that they have a greater appreciate of culture and art. A rich cultural knowledge is essential to students that are receiving masters in marketing and marketing communication. Master Italy and you will have a richer appreciation for the world around you.

You can receive a dynamic education in an institution that is well connected to the business world when you study at BBS Bologna Business School. Recent BBS graduates are playing integral roles in global business. At BBS you can immerse yourself in the culture of Italy, receive a stellar education and gain the connections you need to excel in the world of business.

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